Church Mouse Laundry Soap

As an extra fund raising initiative the church at Hewelsfield is making and selling Laundry Soap which we are calling “Church Mouse Laundry Soap”

Our soap is made with Coconut Oil 468g, Sodium Hydroxide 84g and Water. After the soap has cured (for 6 weeks if made by the cold process method or 48 hours if made by the hot process method) it is then blitzed with washing soda (830g of soda to 280g of soap) in a food processor until fine enough to dissolve in a washing machine.

Our laundry soap, made by a long standing traditional method is fragrance free, has no added surfactant, just soap and washing soda. If using in soft water we recommend using 2 tablespoons of powder and in harder water increase the quantity to at least 3 tablespoons.

Wherever possible we package in recycled or biodegradable containers so that we aren’t adding to plastic pollution of the planet.

For  any enquiries please call Carol Stickland on 01594 530882