Our Faith

Our mission is to welcome all, serve the community and witness to God’s love


We believe that our churches are here for everyone, places where all are welcomed, each person is recognised and accepted for who they are, to be loved and respected as one of God’s creation.


A church in isolation from its community is just a club and so we strive to be a part of community life and of its dreams for the future and to offer support to those in need or pain.


The Church exists to keep the story of Jesus alive for each generation.

It is about a unique man, whom people came to recognise as the human face of God, whose message of divine love and truth during his earthly life was directed at all humanity. Jesus, perfect goodness personified, took on the full consequences of sin and evil resulting in his death on a criminal’s cross. In spite of this, he rose from the grave and thereby proved that sin, evil and even death can never have the last word. That is why Christians call him ‘Saviour’ – the one who makes forgiveness, new life and hope possible.